Yesterday I got my new Motorola Defy. The main reason I decided to buy that model instead of another was the CyanogenMod-Support. The Guide in the CyanogenMod wiki provides an excellent resource on how to root your phone, install a bootmenu and finally flash the current Version of CM on the device.

My problem, however, was that the process described in the rooting section of the page did not work for me. I could log into my device via adb, copy the exploit files over, execute them, but they had no apparent effect (apart from outputting a "doing my thing"-message and disconnecting the adb session"). I had to search for another way to root the phone and stumbled upon SuperOneClick which, apart from being written for Windows, is an awesome tool and worked without a flaw.

So if you've got a Motorola Defy and the rooting-method described in the CyanogenMod-wiki does not fly, try this guide. Also consider donating to the author of SuperOneClick and CyanogenMod for putting in the effort that your phone manufacturer isn't.